Games law in Germany

Due to the creativity of gaming-participants, Online Law brings constantly new legal challenges up, which we are more than ready to solve with our specialist attorneys.

The current legal questions around gaming show the rapid development in all aspects of Games Law. Of course, the classic console games still exists, but the trend towards online games or mobile gaming is largely growing and leads to different legal issues that just a couple of years ago were not to contemplate.

At first glance, it does not matter who is responsible for the game and who is the developer: from the start up, to non-professional software developers or software developing studios, up to big production companies or game publishers, the legally solvable tasks are vary and often very different from each other.

Our qualified attorneys for copyright and media law and intellectual property rights know these topics really well. Whether image or film law, producer or development contracts, media support and other financing, we are here to accompany you through the whole path to your success, both nationally and internationally.

Developers, publishers and all other service providers in the market of the games are dependent on the fact that they work together with experienced lawyers with in-depth legal knowledge in media law, IT law, Internet law, data protection law and, of course, intellectual and industrial legal protection.

Our attorneys for copyright and media law are therefore also specialists for intellectual property rights. We advise and represent nationally and internationally in Games Law issues, both for young and established companies and individuals.

We offer support in all of the legal and labor-related matters regarding Game Law, we offer solutions for contracts of all kinds, whether software development contracts, license agreement, GTC, sales contracts, data protection clauses, general legal indications etc.


  • Games in general (no matter which Platform/ Environment)
  • Browser games (Online-Browser-Games/ Offline-Browser-Games)
  • Mobile Games (App-Games/ Mobile games/ Tablet games/general platform games)
  • Online-Gaming general
  • Client Games
  • Apps
  • Legal support for the creation of a business (partnership agreements, AGB, Financing/promotion)
  • Legal formulation of al gaming contracts (such as work contracts, freelances contracts, NDA, bans on competition, software development contract, licence contract, distribution agreement contracts, testimonial contracts, Publishing contracts, QA-contract, cooperation agreement, advertising contract, Production contract, Film contract, Foot contract, copyright and utilization agreements)
  • Legal detection of commercial property law and their related allocation, enforcement and defence of industrial property rights
  • Legal matters of virtual currency and virtual objects
  • Trading legal issues with market and digital content of all kinds (image law, film law, data bank law, pre-release)
  • Particular copyright and media legal matter regarding online games and mobile games
  • Question of  age categorization USK o rage categorization´s system in online games and mobile games
  • International Payments legal issues
  • Legal consultation and representation in the creation and supervision of online games-platforms etc.

IT Outsourcing under German law

IT outsourcing transactions must be legally supported. Depending on the content of the specific project, local, national and international IT outsourcing can be involved in advising on the general IT law, data protection law, professional law, antitrust law, intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights. Our IT outsourcing practice includes the outsourcing of simple or complex databases, data centers, client / server hardware, TK to the entire IT structure of a company. We provide comprehensive consulting services for the outsourcing of information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO). We also advise on the outsourcing of IT business processes, system integration agreements, cooperations, etc. This covers the commercial protection, distribution and use of various IT products and IT services.

In the following areas, we offer our clients our special expertise in IT outsourcing / IT law:

  • IT Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Performance Specification (IT-Project contracts)
  • Service Level Agreements
  • IT-Project and System-Integration contracts
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Internet Agreements (Website-/Shop-/Usage contracts)
  • VAR-, ISV-, OEM Contracts
  • Hard- and Software Maintenances
  • IT-License Contracts
  • IT-Distribution Agreements
  • Backbone agreements
  • Network-/Technical Contracts
  • RFI, RFP, Term Sheets und Indicative Offers.
  • Escrow-Contracts

Apps under German law

APPs differ from standard software mainly through the distribution channel. The single APP developer has no immediate way to determine the conditions for the APP distribution itself.

Rather, it is subject to the sales conditions and license terms of the respective distribution platforms for iPhone Apps (iTunes-like by iDPLA, iPhone / iPad Developer Program License Agreement), Android Apps (Google) or Windows Apps. Apart from the US legal agreement, these regulations also provide for the compliance with the App developer; as this latter must ensure that it complies with all legal regulations related to its APP. The sales platform owner can grant numerous rights, partly within the framework of an EULA (End User License Agreement), which the end user must discuss and conclude with the app manufacturer in such a way that the sales platform owner can also assert all rights himself. In detail, the European Legal regulations are very wide, but, as far as can be seen, are not negotiable. We can legally examine and analyze your App and support its development as well as its distribution in the multi-platform environment. Our specialized and experienced team has been following the development of this relative legal framework since 2009; our experience and your ideas will drive us towards great results.