APPs Law

APPs differ from standard software mainly through the distribution channel. The single APP developer has no immediate way to determine the conditions for the APP distribution itself.

Rather, it is subject to the sales conditions and license terms of the respective distribution platforms for iPhone Apps (iTunes-like by iDPLA, iPhone / iPad Developer Program License Agreement), Android Apps (Google) or Windows Apps. Apart from the US legal agreement, these regulations also provide for the compliance with the App developer; as this latter must ensure that it complies with all legal regulations related to its APP.

The sales platform owner can grant numerous rights, partly within the framework of an EULA (End User License Agreement), which the end user must discuss and conclude with the app manufacturer in such a way that the sales platform owner can also assert all rights himself.

In detail, the European Legal regulations are very wide, but, as far as can be seen, are not negotiable. We can legally examine and analyze your App and support its development as well as its distribution in the multi-platform environment. Our specialized and experienced team has been following the development of this relative legal framework since 2009; our experience and your ideas will drive us towards great results.