Websites law and regulations in Germany

An important presence on the internet is at the basis of a successful business. In addition to the simplified customer approach and information, the Internet also offers space for new business ideas. Unfortunately, in the case of the establishment of such services and information on the web, most important legal provisions are often not taken into account by the corporate management and this will often lead to future legal issues.

Companies are required to comply with certain notices of information and reference requirements, or have to observe third-party trademarks protective rights, domain and copyrights. Imprint obligation and general terms and conditions are still relatively easy to take into account. The legal provisions regarding competition law or data protection law for instance, are numerous and not always clear. The support of an attorney will simplify and facilitate the implementation of your website, in order to achieve great results and a successful online presence.

We examination and analyse your Internet presence and address difficult issues, if it is the case. This allows an intensive check of possible GTCs as well as the content (texts, images, multimedia files, designs) or the license rights chain. In a web-shop, the articles can be tested randomly up to the individual article. In doing so, statutory requirements regarding to price transparency, copyright for texts and images, trademark law and UWG are examined.