German IT contracts

IT contracts must be tailored to the situation in order to ensure a legally secure picture of the underlying IT project. The contractual object of the main contract plays a central role:  software, hardware, databases, IT systems and / or telecommunication systems, or specific sub-areas.

Individual IT-Contracts/ Large-scale projects

The first  step to take in order to write an IT-contract is the analyzing of the individual software or individual projects together with the planning and the development of this latter;

This starts the planning and design phase of the individual software or individual projects, in which by the compilation of data sheets and specifications documents, the most decisive points for the avoidance of a final discord between IT manufacturers and IT customers are clarified and ensured. After the creation and acceptance of the IT Project- if the IT Project has not already collapsed prematurely – then the software is usually maintained and therefore accompanied/supported by a maintenance/service/maintenance contract, an Escrow contract on the deposit of the source code or (Such as a disclosure requirement by the IT-provider to the IT manufacturer), supplementary agreements, data protection clarifications, conformity agreements, etc.

Sales of IT to dealers or consumers

In the distribution of software/hardware/systems, the main legal focus concerns the organization of contracts, sales marketing and prevention of illegal sales.

IT Outsourcing

IT-functions or the entire IT-area outsourced in their own companies, or outsourced to third parties, shall refer to their IT-Outsourcing contracts, which ensure that the know-how is preserved.