Social Media Law

Social media includes all platforms and communication aids for social communication. The most popular social media are Facebook , Google+, Twitter, XING, LinkedIN, VZ networks, Whatsapp (and similar apps) as well as – depending on the definition – Youtube, Pinterest, Vimeo and similar platforms for the exchange of certain data, files or media. Social media is sometimes marked as „Web 2.0“.

The relevant communication path as well as processing personal data primarily raises data protection issues of all kinds.

Our legal advice covers the entire range of social media, e-commerce and enterprise 2.0. Our professional focus is, of course, on internet law, copyright, trademark law, competition law and data protection law. We also examine and create usage processes, terms of use and terms and conditions. In individual cases, we also check the permissibility of account blocking and data erasure issues.

We also create social media guidelines within the framework of corporate agreements etc.; we offer professional (legal) social media management and reputation management to private individuals.

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