Did you know that…

Did you know that…

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The term IT law has acquired its own meaning since 2006 with the introduction of the title specialist lawyer for information technology law in § 14 FAO in 2006. Today, the terms IT law and computer law are only used when referring to collective works primarily founded in the 1990s. The magazine Computer und Recht and the collection of laws CompR in dtv still bear witness to this today. Later, the term EDP law became common, which lives on today in the name of the association Deutscher EDV-Gerichtstag. In some cases, the term informatics law is still used as an inversion of legal informatics. With the advent of the Internet, the term multimedia law was also coined as a sub-area that specifically encompassed the legal issues of the Internet (also Internet law). Today, the term information technology law is predominantly used.

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