Right of Personality/ Right of free speech

Our specialist attorneys for copyright and media law advise and represent in all legal matters of reputation management, in particular regarding the right of personality, the right of expression (freedom of expression vs abusive criticism, insults and defamation) as well as the right to evaluate services with the following focus:

  • Examination, enforcement and defence from failure pretention;
  • Counterstatements claim, request of cancellation and claims for compensation;
  • Examination of journalistic due diligence obligations;
  • Examination of texts publishing and picture messages;
  • Copyright issues regarding „word-reporting“ and photo-journalism;
  • Particular word/pictures rights;
  • Reputational damage/ defamation/ abusive criticism;
  • Violation of the right of personality;
  • Consultation on freedom of opinion and freedom of press;
  • Examination of legitimacy of the rating system;
  • Examination of individual valuation (on all platforms, mediating Google+, eKomi or particular rating platforms) such as enforcement of rebuttal claims.

We are experts in our branche and we are active legal consultants in press law/personality law/ valuation law issues. Following a list of cases we are really familiar with in the above-mentioned fields of law.


Provisional legal protection (out-of-court legal press Injunction procedure) after the federal state´s press Act for the purpose of a faster legal implementation of press legal claims

Implementation of legal press claims in principal proceedings

Obtaining of counterstatement and revocation

Elimination and future default of incorrect factual claims

Elimination and future omission of Reputational damage/ defamation/ abusive criticism

Claims for damages (compensation for material and non-material damages)

Criminal proceedings, such as criminal complains, incidental action and private prosecution.