Data protection law

The high and simple availability of data, their computability and their processing in databases or other computer-supported systems make data protection one of the central facets of the current and future legal reality.

Of course, the national, European and international data protection law has not only been a particular legal instrument for many companies, but also for every natural person that does not want to be stopped before Google or Inc. data storages, but want to push through this instruments.

The protection of data is not only the topic of Data Protection Law, but also regards many other legal areas such as industrial property rights and copyright legislations (unauthorized down-/uploads of protected works, database law etc.)

German Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGV)

In addition to the general Data Protection Law, there are many area-specific data protection regulations in other fields of law. This latter comply with the general norms of the respective (Länder) regions data protection laws, the Federal Data Protection Act (§ 1 Section III and IV BDSG-Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the so-called in German Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGV).

regional data protection laws

The regional data protection laws apply to the processing of personal data through the authorities and other public bodies of the countries, municipalities as well as their associations. The BDSG is only applicable in the public sector (subsidiary), since it only applies if the regional data protection law does not apply. The BDSG and many special regulations also apply to companies and corporates.

For legal entities regulated by the public law or their organizationally independent institutions participating to competitions, for economic enterprises of communities and districts without their own legal personality (municipal companies) as well as for administrative unions which carry out predominantly economic tasks and for public institutions – that will be managed according to the municipal companies provisions- apply the regulations of the BDSG for non-public bodies.

Data Protection – Consultation:

As lawyers we offer you the following data protection consultancy services:

  • Data protection of business models in companies and administrations, taking into account the personal data of customers and employees;
  • Information and representation against data protection authorities as well as resolution of data protection violations;
  • Development of practical data protection and compliance concepts;
  • Provision of external data protection officers.

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