Cloud computing law in Germany an Europe

Cloud computing law in Germany an Europe

16. März 2021 cloud law competition law contract law contract terms data protection law 0

Cloud computing is currently a major trend in information and communication technology (ICT). Cloud Computing provides enterprises with the possibility to purchase software, storage capacities and computational power specifically via the Internet. This is technically nothing new.

A more flexible software and data utilization is possible with Cloud Computing, which the functionality, duration and numbers of users are billed. The independent access is made possible by different platforms/instruments (e.g. laptop, tablet, PC or smartphones). This means that the necessary information in question (e.g. e-mails, business applications etc.) can be accessed at any time. IT Providers have the chance to take advance of this new business model.

The legal aspects of cloud computing include contract law (warranty, liability, contract terms, terms of contract, competition law, data protection law) as well as further specifics cloud computing relative provisions.


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